Friday, August 12, 2005

Red Indians from South America

nothing sweeter than the quiet, a honeywell turbo fan, a pinwheel mobile
activated by it and some bamboo shoots making melodies. Yeah,
it's peaceful like a dilly dally. last week was "fuck it week". new jersey
shore and jelly fish two days, a pal comes into town for another two,
grub at mannas on 125, Hustle and Flow saturday and M.I.A. sunday.

yosara mentioned having male energy around me for a couple of day
to balanced out. I got my wish and then some.

the finale was a sweet dinner cooked by Ebon's mom and an old friend
trying to shoot down a water bug with an amazon blow pipe. I gotta say
that weed is to be used sparingly and when the moment is right...shit,
the moment is clear and write worthy.

it's been about two weeks since returning home. colorado was hotter
than a maggot on concrete. for the first couple of days, I was a bit
nervous. our rehearsals were'nt coming together. i could see and feel
akilah's fustration with me, with other folks. I for the most part felt
my head was somewhere else...not like i didn't want to be there but....

maybe it was the altitude.

but when it came time for the show, my feelings were that Oluchi,
her son, blessed us with some energy...the stuff we all needed.

in the end, we got a standing ovation.

one of the primo highlights on this trip was meeting
Victor Hernandez Cruz and John Yau. Victor was this tall handsome
elder with silver hair and mellow aura who's been living in Puerto Rico for
the past 16 years. To make him even more interesting, he spends half of
of the year in Morrocco. He was funny and down to earth and I got a sense
that the nuyorican in him was bugging out at this
Naropa experience. shit, everybody does.

John Yau was ultra cool. Although we didn't get to
talk much, I'm really looking forward to meeting him again.

Anne Waldman was as usual this incredible being hovering around,
keeping track of things and being as encouraging as she was
when we first met.

my only heartbreak was being the space of someone I respected
who for some reason, just went cold turkey on our budding
relationship, be it mentor or friend.

for the journal peoples so don't ask.

perhaps another out take on human beings
and why we do what we do.

perhaps something to said about how we use intuition and
our guardian angels wisely or haphazardly. a red indian,
yeah there is a tribe specifically called RED, got into my ass
on the corner of 112th and Lenox last night. we must have
been there for two hours, both of us swaying cause our feet
were tired and we both on our way home when we met.

but what he said to me was amazing and beautiful
and spiritual and kind hearted. it was terribly on point too.

if it were not for the fact that I bumped heads with an native elder
just twenty minutes prior, (she had shared with me
some knowledge of wealth also) who knows...

I may not have crossed paths with him.

so what did he say?

salt and scissors. pigeons and St. Clara. ribbon and dirt.

we are always babies in the eyes of the creator.