Sunday, September 18, 2005

Harlem Day Parade 2005

It's hard to believe that I still reside in the block that every year,
becomes the stomping ground for the Harlem Karate School and
perhaps a marching or three. I have just returned from New Jersey
where I was baby sitting my god children. Six, four and 11 months,
and every year I reckon I was following the course of maturity....

dear me.

These kids make me old and frightenly younger.

I choose not to write about the hurricane fiasco for several reasons.
One was that I cried every so often, reading the endless storied not
told on mainstream television but on the web. Added, my course of
action was to email blast everyone I knew with the information. This
I had to say was the beauty of a terrible truth...a call of arms from the
masses less heard from and a reckoning that the least could indeed be
the greatest.

So while folks organized themselves into enclaves of good cause -
clothing drive, pamper drive, school supplies, etc., e-blasting was
active beyond any spam mess one has had. To imagine the power of
the internet creating more unity among black folks than the million
man march or the civil rights march...folks can debate all they want
on my commentary but the call to arms I feel would not have been
so wide spread without the use of the internet this time around.

I can get into the obvious problems with FEMA, with Bush, with Rice,
with our nation which, has been telling us for years, they really could
give a fuck...

but this is only a small part of my concern...

I wonder if we could ever truly live here without a total dissection of
the tenets with which this country was devised and thrives on. Yeah,
I'm talking destroy the constitution and generate a new one cause
it ain't happening, destroy all factors of the law because it's a bloody
blue moon when they function on our meaning aniyunwiya...
people of the land

shit seriously needs to be dismantled...

So yeah, I cried tremendously. So what did it bring up? More blood
memories I sense. Items within my pathology and I'm certain others
who had somehow experienced seperation, violence and upheavel, death
and suffering...if I were to agree with Jesse Jackson, perhaps it did pull up
some recollection of the middle passage.

Still beyond this, what else is going on? Nature cleaning up what we've
been neglecting to do for a long time. The spirits before us that have
watch over us and said this place needs to be re-balanced and re-birthed.

I've had heavy thoughts about this...thinking immediantly of the
cemetaries, of Laveau, of her bones utterly tired of the endless bus tours
geared at visiting the so-called "haunted" areas of New Orleans. How must
she have re/considered the idea of washing out, cleansing so that the
maddness of tour guides and cameras could finally leave her bones alone..
for a couple of years as least.

In that manner, I can say this was a good thing....but once I heard about
the rapings and mis/information...

I start to cry again.

We're losing the meaning behind our earth doing what she does.
We're not recognizing the elements that are more powerful than
our flesh

And then I get more news. This time I'm distraught, I'm angry,
I'm kinda motionless. I'm tired of pondering over this craziness.

This week, a young girl was taken in for throwing her child
down a dumpster. The child survived but officals later uncovered
a mumified infant that was hers as well.

Two days laterm her father was taken in. The tests had shown
that he, father of this young girl, was the father of her two children.

And this is 2005. And this is where educators are required to
take courses on drug/alcohol/child abuse and where neighborhoods
go on the TV and talk about ho she was soo sweet and was always
seen with her family

yet, no one sensed anything slanted? this hurts me so deeply.
and so...what happens to her, this girl who is by every defintion,
robbed of her youth, her mystery, her mental well being?

we don't need to get into her spiritual well-being...

this is too much

And will the officals go on and make a case against her? Why?

So much work for this girl to go through now and I prayer
terribly that she is first given love. Therapy yes but there must
exist love for her to come through this functional

otherwise....I don't know.

Just a couple of weeks ago, they found the body of a woman
in a dumpster on 123rd and Lenox. What was her story?