Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm having an interesting week

Well...a month. I was blessed with teaching jobs this year.
A total challenge for me and yeah...terribly new. I have a range
of students. Sixth graders and then 12th graders. A range
of personalities...some blend smoothly...some don't click
at all. The biggest challenge is money which sadly is not
coming through.

Medgar is my home...I'm totally myself while I'm learning how
to be myself with the students. We're learning together....
It's wonderful. They're paying me. Shit is lovely.

Freedom is Academy is a different environment, a different focus
and so, it's taking some time for me to get into the swing, the
methodology of the school and the organization that hired me.
And yeah, I just got paid so I'm happier now.

My biggest challenge and perhaps a problem is a school in my
neighborhood. I was excited at first but now I've faded. In addtion
to some trife scheduling and yup, no money...I'm totally not feeling it.

I've worked with four students so far, I love the work I got out
them to create. And wow, it's incredible work coming from
these kids who have a dickens of time focusing...

but what can i say...

i'm not interested in turning my life around to be enslaved
by the big heads, by personages that are only concerned with
showing the green backs a song and dance. I'm not interested
in numbers or Bill Clinton or paying kids loot as an incentive
to have them sitting in my class. I want to teach poetry to
children with none of the bullshit.

But alas, I got an email today from one of the heads....
they want me on fridays but at a time that could conflict with gigs.
We had been in conversation about the days but I knew it wasn't
sitting well inside so I ask for them to look over the times again.

if it can't can't work. I'll make due

what i got was a remark that was kinda insulting...kinda "well quit."

so I'm stuck here....thye haven't given me any money since I began.
i've been there for a month and change and shit is already salty...

They hired me because I am a poet however they want me to be
less of a poet to abide by them....had the nerve to get slanted
and tell me that I'm too committed to being a poet.

wow...the last I resume is all about me being
fuckin poet...that's what you hired for right? I'm on the hustle again...

no, i haven't quit yet...not until i get my loot at least