Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I honestly believe that I spend more time in Brooklyn than Harlem.
I've been know to travel there over the years because
many of my peps live and inhabit the space. But never
did I truly notice it until last week. My boy Ebon's b-day
went down on South Oxford. My god parents are on
56 and Avenue D near Kings Highway. Work is on President.
Now will I relocate there? Hell no....for now.

I gotta admit that over the years Brooklyn has been love and
hated by me on occasion. There's things I love....
there's the bullshit that has always made me run to the C or the 2...

But it's interesting when I think about how much
I'm there and active and how little I exist at home in
Harlem. A 20 story high rise is coming up soon at my
corner which was a long time in the making.

My block, with it's history is no more. It's the tip of Harlem
aka Soha aka Morningside Heights.

If I return I'll need to be deeper...like 139th...

But let's go back to Brooklyn.
Monday was the last day my students could turn in thier
work. Only six showed and proved. It's dissappointing
but what else can you when you've called, emailed and
given extensions beyond extension.

Afterwards I hung around for the reading and conversation
with Sonia Sanchez and Amiri Baraka moderated by Talib Kweli.

That was worth the 10 dollars or 30 if you went VIP.
It's a wonder how these two elders do it. Sonia you hear the
maturity and reflection of her life and beliefs. Amiri is another thing
all together but you get to understand that this man has seen and
heard morethan any of us. Both together were adorable. Like siblings
they just toyed with each other and disagreed every now and then.

Something to be learned from them. You can disagree and still love

It was good to see Talib. I figure that I haven't seen him in years.
Of course via recording and video...yeah I know he's around.
But we use to hang at the same clubs and party at the same spots.

Now this is a different affair. I'm working for his mom!

Afterwards I kinda shyed around hanging with Linda Susan Jackson
and Dante and gave a last pound and hug to Talib.

Oddly, ended up getting a ride from Talib's dad and met his grandma.


Bumped into Mr. New Daddy Greg Pardlo and chated for two train stops.

Back on the 2 home. My back is out again. Will have to soak before
the plane ride thursday night.