Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wine and Stew Goat

Monday proved to be interesting but dull and reflective.
People are strange Yosara tells me. I know this. I am one of
such strange beings walking on this here ball of gas...still
i don't how some folks come to a decision in minds...a decision
that would serve to insult and even upset others. Yeah, move on
and learn the lesson from the choice. Still, it was enough for me
to take a few steps back and remind myself that I have
to make decisions myself. Vague huh?

Well....let's just say that I ain't trying to calling somebody

I met up with Roger aka Mr. Don Dada after work and we headed
to La Fonda on 106 and Park Ave. Rice and beans, stew goat, and
sweet plantains along with wine and vodka. I'm realizing that
Mr. Riger can drink pretty hearty. He appears to hold it well.
Forgive me here...but I'm not a fan of more than two drinks
and that's all I can hold before I'm a fool. Thanks mom.

Your habits sobered me for a life time. Regardless, it was a good
convo about our families, the secrets they hide, the discovery
of relatives, the legends and why we black folks
just don't want to keep the legends alive.

I gathered that both of us had been searching for our
histories and I leaned over to just add...they're (our ancestors)
are asking us to find them.

Pretty looney you say? Well, how come folks get obssessed
with geneology, why do folks spend the time and money
to collect family photos and interview members soon
to cross. It has more to do with in realms of beings
we have the least understanding of.

When we find them, we give them, our ancestors, a light
that was blown out. When the light goes away, so does
their existence here...but not spiritually.

I believe they linger until they catch hold of one family
member who has the ability to find them.

In helping them, they help the family again.

more to come...