Saturday, April 30, 2005


Lately I've been trying to my ass up and go
to the gym. It's kinda wild cause only two years
ago I would jump up at 5 in the morning, do 1 to 2
hours, walk home, go back later and sauna/steam for
an hour, go back home and chill.

Nowadays, I drag around. Maybe it's the weather
or where my head was then. The gym was an escape
from bullshit. Now it's mandatory that I go.

Friday I accomplished that but was running late
for a doctor's appointment where I bumped into
a girlfriend who lives on the block. Now she's
not someone who been living there forever.
Still she's cool as fuck and from what I felt
until this day, open.

We got into an conversation about health care, sliding
scale fees and clinics in NYC that are pretty
afforable and not to long of a wait once you're there.
Our chat led into health issues for women. She has
some things going on. I do myself

For 3 train stops, shit seemed ok. Then we got into
her job, for which she was running late to.
She mentioned that employees, regardless of their
spiritual beliefs, has to honor and uphold Passover.
They can eat but it must be Kosher.

Only Kosher food is allowed on the job during
that time.

I found it interesting but a little questionable.
I wondered if employees for a Muslim business would
be so obliged to follow such if a Muslim company
required employees for honor and uphold

Her eyes went into a spasm. Her words "Well, that's not going
to happen and they're terrorists." I was totally
caught off guard. Terrorists. I then said that's not
true...all Muslims are not terrorists. Her reply,
"Most of them are." Here I am, talking to a girl I considered
ultra cool until now, cramped between straphangers,
two stops away from 14th street.

I rephrased my statement. Explain to her what
Rahmaddan was. Explain to her that I'm talking
about a Muslim business and if such a rule
was demanded. She never second thought
about it..."Well that won't happen. Muslim would have
to own the buisness, that won't happen"

As if a Muslims don't have businesses?
Gee, we live in Harlem. On 116th is a Muslim
community with Muslim buisnesses.

And in Brooklyn such exists as well.

I'm seeing this woman as quite ignorant now.
Maybe it's her upbringing that's led her to believe
this...Peruvian...ultra Christian..Miami.

I don't want to make statements like this
but I gotta wonder.

Oh, then there's the bullshit on TV
But I know she's got cable and she can get another
perspective on issues like this.

We bring the convo back to women's health.
Her stop comes. Kiss on the cheek. Suggest a book
she may want to look at. My stop comes.
I've arrived beyond the grace period
for being late. Need to lower my cholesterol