Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lumpy Grits

I am attempting to produce a curriculum for a teaching job
and for some reason, I'm totally fatigued. Been this way for
a couple of days. After Germany, I chilled before New York
kicked in again and the following week I was out to Philly for
a gig with the Beat Kids. This project is a shy looser than
Yohimbe but something I can fill that I can grow from if I
allow it too.

However, the gig was strange. Yeah, we hadn't
rehearsed but it turned into more of a jam session than it
was to be a electro/improvisarional/hip hop band. But this
I gather is due to the fact that we're not playing together all
the time and that in essence, we've only worked together
over the course of three years, maybe five or six times.

So we got some work to do. More importantly, we really
have to listen to each other since we do work in the frame
work of improvisation. Still I'm not telling the entire truth
about the problems with this project.

For another blog perhaps...

The good and sad part of this trip was meeting the brother
of the bassist's roommate and his girlfriend. Now I amy
get in trouble for what I'm about to say but...

I'm really really bored of black girls, black boys who act
like they got to be the only blackie in the mist of vanilla.

The brother, a white boy, was very sweet and welcoming,
a teacher and photographer. Hell, I would have ventured
a bit more if he didn't have a girl

But then his girlfriend, who I will respect but fuck this
caddy shit. Never spoke unless it was to say good bye,
just terribly off

Now maybe I'm judgemental and wrong by all means but
if I have to sit in a room of whte men and here's this
other black girl that's showing no acknowledgement....

what should I be thinking?

Anyway, me and the bassist slept over in philly and left
the next day, ate at this cool restaurant with one exception...

the grits were lousy!

grits are to be creamy, not soupy, rich not lumpy.

they should be like hot cereal or the buffer to some
bacon and eggs

grits should never be lumpy