Friday, June 03, 2005

Yamaha RX21/Hotel Remix 2005

Today I set upon venturing to Remix Magazine's annual conference
on technology, music, and beat heads. I wasn't exactly sure why
I was going. Yeah that's kinda stupid to ask however with a fair
majority of the demos going on, I definitely felt it in spurts....

I have no idea as to what this patch does or what this
keyboard can do

Yet, I'm happy I went.


1. The conference is free...yup free so if you have two days
to waste this weekend, you should parley on to 34th and 6th ave...

2. The conference is sponsered by mad companies including
apple, abelton live, digidesign, akai, propeller head (reason)
and a bunch others. So, there's a demo every hour and some type
of software/turntable lab happening. Logic's latest update was
pretty cool but the big up was Reason's for me. Their newer version
is a bit more easier to gaze through for what I understand about
the program so far.

3. Saw some heads from back in the days and met maybe one
or two folks for the future.

Downs for now for which I hope will get better manana.

1. Although they promoted free goodies all day, it seemed to me
that companies were holding out on the t-shirts for real.

I mean, I must have seen twelve different t's from Vestex, and blah
and what? All I get is flyers that are going in the garbage?

Dude! Give me an endorsement.

2. Throughout the 3 day conference, they're haivng panels. I had
planned to go two today. However, after waiting to get into the
first for like a half an hour and then being in a very stuffy room with
me and this brother fanning ourselves, it was obvious that I wasn't
going to another one after that. Hopefully they'll find a bigger room
for manana.

3. This is not really a drawback because I am fully aware of the
shortage of girlies in this realm, but it would have been
nice to see more girls.

4. Korg wasn't there...

Well, that's my thoughts thus far on it. Saturday there's a panel
on women producers and engineers. Prince Paul is going to be
on another.

Oh, the other day coming home from washing rugs, my neighbor
offered a drum machine. Now I had no idea he was giving but it turned
out to be this older than Aunt Ester Yamaha RX21.

This mama is old!

There's only nine sounds with a really loud cymbal patch.
I don't know how much I could do with this but
my guess is that it may be pretty interesting if i run
it through the Kaoss.

The good thing is that it's portable.

I have yet to be circuit bending...