Sunday, June 05, 2005

Onions and Garlic/The Second Day

Now here's the thing about the free stuff at Hotel Remix 2005.
It's on the crazy low if it's not a raffle. Like for instance, when
I was watching this demo of this Scratch software, I saw t-shirts
but no one offered to me.

So, on the second day, after having bumped into Val-Inc, Ramdarsha aka
DJ Designer Imposter and another girl (which of course felt great cause
now there's a couple of sistas up in here), after finding out that the
Samson room will be giving away free headphones (another trife incident
because I was there yesterday and no one offered me such)we stormed
into the Scratch room and asked for a t-shirt for which the response
was a bit detoured. One, the cat asked for us to come back manana
because they were out of the girly t's. We were not interested in the
girly t's. He went back and returned and asked again if we could
return manana because they only had Xl's. Val clearly does not wear
girly nor fitted. If it wasn't for her tits and putang, sista is a dude.
In fact she was wearing a XL Vestax t.

note: here's the thing with the estrogen factor at Remix...
mad girls suddenly popped up on Saturday. It felt good for a moment.
They all suddenly disappeared as it got later. Yo no se.

We told the gut that we didn't care about size and then he
came back with just one t size medium. Ah man did we
attack him then! After a total of five trips between the stash
of shirts and us, all of us got them.

We had given up on the Samson headphones only for me and
Ramdarsha to see boys with their new joints outside. Ok, what
happened here? Apparantly they were waiting on the supply.
Cool, so we went back up to the ninth floor where the conference was
being held and straight into the Samson. Note, this guy named Kid Lucky,
a beat boxer, sometimes spoken word cat and new daddy, was doing the
demos for Samson and thus, the room was a cacophony of dudes beat
boxing and freestylin' most of the day. At first they were only going to
give only one of us. Why? It was mention that I had got one yesterday. sir. I did not.

The surprise however was when he asked if we wanted headphones or
a mic? Wait up...we got a choice? We both checked out the headphones...
clearly the mic was better.

So with our mics (Val and her girl had then left), we went to
the Propellerhead room to see if we could win the new Reason software.
We didn't. Had I been aware that this was going on everyday (raffle that is)
I would have stayed longer the first day. Funny, the notice for the raffle
is at the bottom of the door...

On to M-Audio which they annouced they were giving out stuff
throughout the day! However, you got to be in the room to know this.

Oh and the panels? The place was too tight. Never got into the first two
and the women's panel started crazy late. I did managed to go to that one....

My thoughts? A little dissappointing. Yeah, these women were pretty
great at what they dobut my feelings were that they didn't provide
anything I didn't know already Ramdarsha was disgusted with the
lack of melanine on the panel and the fact it's connected to Hank Shocklee...
so what's up with that?

My issues were not so much concerned with that...despite it being
crazy obvious. Probably the most interesting was this women who
has worked with Mariah. The least those I could hardly hear because
of technical problems

sunday came and went. I decided not to go. but plan to next year.