Thursday, June 16, 2005

On the road again

Just found out Yohimbe is off again to Europe. Looks like
Eastern Europe which should be great. Vienna (Austria),
Passau (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Slovakia, Nijmegen,
(the Netherlands), Poretta, which I think is in Italy, but could
be France, and last, London. Taylor McFerrin is coming
aboard this time and Don is replacing D for this spell.

So we get the rappin element again. All good.

And me? Back in the lab to be prepared. Job that was
suppose to happen this summer fell through. And yet,
I ain't sweatin. But my internet could be turned off while
I'm away. But that's life and late bills. Shit happens.

Slowly making up new beats and yet to polish these
latest ones. Wrote some lyrics for new beat kids hits
but we shall when I get in the lab if they function for
what we're trying to attain this time around.

And then someone called me up and asked if the
dude on my friendster page is my former up in a wig....

Humans are funny muthfuckas I tell you.