Thursday, July 21, 2005

War of the Worlds

too much to type in one sitting. the items that involve my crazy life since
returning from europe feel rather noun-ish, flashes of what the fuck and
without need of long, drawn out scenerios. almost manic...actually quite manic
....but nonetheless, the life of a human looking to share planet earth.

and europe? dope. slovania is beautiful as was the isle of kurt in croatia.
i want to return to eastern europe again. one day. but this trip was a
different country everyday until italy and there, we ate drank picolit
and grappa every night, discovered Dementrio Stratos and got ganked
for 50 thank you for getting me nice and limber before
coming back to hot ass harlem.

so I start with this: 630 euro overweight charge from Italy, Air India,
ghetto, broken air conditioner, foul scent, air freshner sprayed, bumpy
landing, bombs, central london, northern london, seedy hotel, dang Air India,
five flight walk up, home yes?, home no, third body with my keys, passive
me, nice me, ask a question, get an attitude, speak my voice, get played
like a dummy, this gal thinks she owns me, time to go roommate,
defense: 30 day notice, cool but the spare keys please, gym, sweat,
sweat, sweat, NJPac, Jill, Erykah, Latifah

one more confrontation, yo, she's got her hands on the back of my neck,
struggle, pushed, bashed, ripped my brand new fly tittie shirt from H&M,
horns are up but gotta keep cool, ice cold to quote an andre, call the cops,
cops are wack, go to aunts, get feed, sleep miserably, wake up,
do my ebos, do my prayers, cops are wack, humans are wack, today is saturday,
tommorrow is mount sinai, mommy's sick, sleep in hospital this time focused,
cops are wack, Now is wednesday, candle lite, glass of water, no one's home,
this ain't mine, shut it off, roommate returns, lights it up, this is wack,
don't feel safe, this is freakin wack, make the call I've waited long enough for,
big bro vic, here in an hour, his boy, in three, take our seats, wait out time,
am rolls up, so does she and she, bro knocks, says his words, tears are heard,
whinning now, lying now, big bro listens, i shake my head, oh now I threw the
first punch?, wow, everything all good, big bro leaves, so does boy, i go to sleep,
semi peacefully, awake to bombs, bombs in london again,

I forgot to go to work tuesday. didn't call either. i'm fucked.


humans are funny muthafuckas