Wednesday, November 09, 2005

For some reason...

I'm having a problem with the posting of items like me
and traveling...back home in time to watch late night Oprah...
Today..Terry M. and her ex-husband on the low...I know...
I'm terrible and horrible and what type of artist am I ?

Well, I'm the one who the curator at Studio Museum of Harlem
never remembers...the one who always get that "i don't know
who the fuck you are" smile (despite praising me for my WONDERFUL!
essay...yes, the ill lana is whinning but that did'nt spoil my evening out
to an art cousin Issac Diggs has a film and photos up
and I got hug and show some love to Ms. Bad Ass, Iona Brown.

Bumped heads with an artist, Kyra, that I met about a year ago
at a CalArts drink and meet. later that night me and greg went
to an after ching dig on 120th and lenox...this cat, Chris Burns,
who've I known but never knew what he did as a nice spot over there
and he showed us his work...dealing with shoes and the civil rights
movement...he had some serious stuff...serious mojo pieces...


That fab-oh-he's on another world tour again muthfucka was there...
I dont get the beret he's been rocking lately...I guess he's evolved
from the knit ski cap....ooooooh am I hatin!

but me guess that's the magic of get on mutha's
brains till they're thinking about you more than you realize

an old pal of mines, Beans, posted on friendster his nude spread
in a porn magazine for the post modern trendies...everyone is talking
about it, he's tellnig folks, folks are telling folks, everyone
has an anal sex Beans story...ride trips in length and details

presto! promo at no cost but you'r rep...