Thursday, November 17, 2005

postcard from argentina

after a ten hour flight, customs holding some of our
equipment and a serious yerba matte tea, we have
settled into our hotel rooms watching America´s Next
Top Model en espanol. Me and Taylor have taken a couple
of hours to get lost in the streets, along the river where
your see parrots on the gates and not in cages...kinda replacing
the pigeons realm in nueva york.

in search for a place to sit and have a coffee and something
sweet, Taylor falls prey to a child asking for money.
He pulls out the wallet and gives him one peso and a euro...
the kid ain´t satisfied, he follows us, then there´s about
3 more kids

we escape into a puma shop (nothing solid in comparsion
to the soho shop) and then proceed our adventure.

we find a spot, cafe con lecho with 3 medialunas crossiants.
5.50 pesos...this is cheap folks, then head back...lost and
not lost at all, we are in the ritzy parts of buenos aires,
part ancient and modern...architecture is kind to the old...
construction of newer developments not too tall...nothing
stealing the sun like what´s in nyc...the official buildings
are beautifully designed

i´m remembering a lot from art history but can´t fully reference...
yeah greco roman influence...all that mess but in pink...yup i said pink

it feels caribbean but then it doesn´t

the landscape is filled with parks and sitting areas. we come
across a thick trail of ants working several feet across from
one path to another, tree, a mix of palms, willows and one filled
with purple flowers...these ants are some strong muthas...

we keep going and there´s a spanish is slim so i can´t
say what´s it about

there´s an apparant issue high lighted both by stench and plastic
and rags. the homeless are scattered around in this road
smells of human excrement and it´s pungent

we discover a statue.... cristoforo colombo...the stone work you
can´t front on...however it´s got this bright splash of red tempura
paint...someone threw´s certain...the action so dang clear...
i´m loving it

you walk around and it´s like barcelona, white folks with nice tans,
boys with some serious eyes and dark features...and short

hey i got a weakness ever since i saw bernal in amores perros and
he i think is mexican...but you get what i getting at...right?

we´re below the equator...something i did not realized until i
heard about the act of sea mechants piercing thier ears for good
luck once they´ve crossed it... wow, i´m actually below the freakin equator...radical dude

and it´s spring here and i got my phrase book

manana we go to neuquen (i think i mispelled this)...10 hour road trip