Saturday, November 19, 2005

four days later...

we have traveled from buenos aires to nuequen
nuequen to rosario and back to our favorite
hotel....i got a balcony this time around...

we are all tired from the traveling...planes and cars
the sitting for hours is miserable but to say the
least...we´ve been fed lovely...the food is incredible

leon, our in house vegan has fish from the river...
i got two free peaches from the merchant by the roadside...

for 4 pesos i could have gotten a basket of peaches but
all i wanted was 2 so he offered them for nada.

it appears that with each town, the browner folks get.
Taylor is loving it...i am too.

but i gotta say I´m bored with Taylor´s preferences for
"mixed" people like himself....he tells me how one of his loves
was puerto rican and black...i´m from harlem via the bronx...

that ain´t nothing particularly special...nothing related to this
convo is either...i let him talk despite me being as I said, bored

he´s young what can i say...

the first two gigs went well. the sound on the first was odd.
yesterday a little better...i´m feeling inadequant i gotta admit.

the poet amongst a shit load of great musicians...damn i feel
terribly back is killing me from the sitting
and well, on stage it´s kinda rough when you can´t move so much
so freely and this time around, the means to warm up properly are almost

but yes, Argentina, each town gets browner and younger and
cooler...the views and buildings and bird calls and palm trees

adn we have a show tonight...want to walk to chill
and watch tv till soundcheck