Friday, December 09, 2005

Brand New Day

Well...for the past 3 days it's been all about my computer
After so many sudden mishaps and application randomly
shutting down and no hope to perfect my craft in blogging
because my computer is wacking out, I finally did what I thought
I would surely fuck up...I had my computer wiped at the apple
store. it came at a time between late bills, some catching up
and a decision to not purchase a digi camera. i was close!
Radioshack had a sale on a digi video cam for 99 bucks,
Staples has a Kodak starter pack with printer for 199...
and that office chair I had been checking for a year was on
sale for 119.

But hark...that laptop was calling and it was time..yes time after
some many freezes and blank documents.

Anyone who's had to do it...I relate to you. One, you have to
find an external to put your docs. Luckily, I got one about a year
ago...almost in prep for this week. Mind you, my horoscope said this was
the week...the 10th being the primo day...but basically between the 5th
and the 10th I would be cool

I could have wiped it myself but miss chicken too her behind to the
Genius bar at the apple store. The day before I coughed up 300 for software...
Tiger and MSOffice.

Big lesson...all this time with the freebe programs..Adobe, Reason, Final Cut...
darn, what else? Now..all bye bye. I'll find the loot for Reason later but
I had to get Office.

So yeah, I get the software...and then the next day, I wake up around 7am and book
my appoinment...Oh you don't know? In order to get assistance at the genius bar,
all dummies must book an appointment online (yup, no phone call, no walking in)
the day of. Now if you have cash for get business class treatment

But we all know, most of us poor folks who got a G4 are on welfare and probably
purchased our babies from a grant and one seriously big check

but yeah, i ain't got loot like that.

so my assistance is this cat who's pretty cool. the service is free, given that i sit for an
hour while it's being cleaned....if i don't sit with my will cost
85 bucks....No Problem! I'll sit right here.

so as i'm saying bye bye to everything I forgot to list and remembered later (i lost
all my links to language sites and native stuff...all my links to journals and school
funding...all gone) we start having this convo about language

i tell him about macaronics, how finnish is related to quenya and japanese to
tsalagi..turns out he's a purist for the spanish language...he hates spanglish

i'm man is dominican.

we talk and then it's baby is fresh and clean and i'm starting over

day OS X.4, MS Office, my printer drive, and ilife....that's right
after getting a surprise check i figured...79 buck ain't gonna kills me after this
so now, i'll get to play around with garage band until whenever...

today until it was time to support my student at school, i tried to retrieve my address book
for luck so one by one, folks who passed on thier info, i typed it in....

i sent out about 250 emails to folks asking for thier information...

so far, about 50 heads

a digital cleaning house huh?