Sunday, January 08, 2006

Battlestar Gallactica

I have settle down for about two three days
glued to itunes watching every episode of
Battlestar Gallactica....yeah I have no life

A pal, T. Jess is a B.G. crack head and hooked
me with the first pipe. So, now I'm kinda in
that aching, hungry mode...much like an
addict awaiting to to give up my 1.99 and
download the latest's bad...

terribly bad when I've decided to pawn my
TV and retire from the couch to actually
do something more worthwhile than
watching Fear Factor and Lost....Edwin asked
me if I could do it....I'm not sure.

for 3 days I was ok...I had unplugged the tube
and it wasn't on until my boy left my home
without the B.G season one to suck on....

this is terrible.

but like i said, it's crack, cisco and all that bad
and good stuff rolled up in a software that you can download
for free and get you fix at 1.99 with an occasional
freebe of the week.

So, is TV on it's way out. it's been stated and confirmed
that the ipod video has great resolution and you can download
and skip all those lovely commercials.

By the way, the "Time to Get The Donuts" cat has passed
as did Lou Rawls...

But can we couch monkeys live without it neccessary anymore?

Netflix has my 11.99 every month for unlimited 2 a week and now

do I love myself enough to gt rid of this box that I never
wanted in the first but my mother, a 73 year old couch
demanded I needed?

where will my inspiration come from now?

Cylons and plane wrecked hotties?

more to come...