Monday, January 16, 2006

We all have a little Oprah in us

Ok, now you might be saying what does home slice mean by this?
Well it's this....the almighty hype machine. Today I had caught a tad
of the power pusher and she was introducing the new Oprah Book Club
selection for the month. A book called night dealing with the holocaust.

I can't get into details because I was between the kitchen and the living
room when she announced such but what I came to think about was her
overall power to sell something and convinced folks to take a gamble.

Today is my second day of changing my eating habits and cleansing.
This is the week that I'll eat light and prepare to fast for what I plan,
10 days. Coconut soup with tofu and broccoli, salad, some nuts, dried
fruit, lots of water, water with cayenne, honey, and lemon, flushes consisting
of clay and husk, salt and gallons of yes...water.

I've been in conversation with a girlfriend, a musician from Chicago
now living in Queens. When we met, my eating habits were pretty good
but over a period of 4 years, I've returned to meat and bread...

While I'm looking at it as a resolution, I know I had to get back with
the paddle to return to habit she once knew me as, 75% vegan, turning
towards raw.

This is where Oprah comes girl, Matana, has been a blessing to
talk to over email. Like I said, it's my second day and she's been couching
me (I suspect she doesn't realize it) in herbs and flushes, greens and
supplements and locations and folks a poor artist can reach out to and
slowly get their health back together.

She so doesn't realize how much it means to have like a coach
supporting the cause.

So i gotta Oprah her right now...

Her name is Matana, she's a freaking dope ass saxophonist from
Chi-town (South Side!!!!!), she gigs with Burnt Sugar and her band
Sticks and Stones, she's got a solo album coming out and if she'll
forgive, she has a blog where she talks about her journey