Thursday, March 16, 2006

And so it begins

because of all the massive remarks towards the Oscars,
I thought I would begin this journey...a montage much like
the cowboy one jon stewart assembled....but one that
profiles many of the roles our most respected actors
have played, some to much critical acclaim.

Exhibit A. Morgan Freeman as Fast Black the Pimp

costarring with Christopher Reeves aka Superman

Now I waiting to watch this flick (my netflix is coming)
but while I wait, please notice the intensity in his grasp
around the pistol, how his left fist is rolled effortlessly,
all aimed at the man of steel's head.

To imagine, a pimp kicking superman's ass...

Cryptonite? Go figure.

Disclaimer: This blog entry is in no way meant or intended
to demoralize Christopher Reeves. His battle against his condition
alone many folks would not have be able to endure.

Mad respect to him, his wife, and his foundation.