Saturday, March 11, 2006

Still hard out there...

there's been a battle since last week's anouncement of Three 6 mafia winning
the award for best song from a movie soundtrack. some have called the battle

The Talented Tenth vs. the Niggas

Some a metaphorical divide between large and small plantation owners,
an extreme and ugly look at ourselves. But what is real deal?

Possibly the fact that the award honors our worst...if we want to call it such.
What should be observed is that the academy is creating a entity
that's gonna eventually snowball. As long as they glorify the seemingly "worst"
and exagerated fetishs of black folk, they're gonna come into a box they
won't want to open. What's in the box? Who fucking knows right now...
but trouble is coming soon.

color blind typecasting don't exist and lurking in the depths of the hills,
the talented tenth is actaully pimping hollywood playing these roles.

thanks greg

But this clash now between the condos and the projects? Well, one could say
that we are angry that a cat named Crunchy Black got an award for portraying
a figure in our culture we least support. A figure that the black community
sucessfully banned and complained over. Complained so that hollywood ultimately
switched gears, discontined any film productions that had to do
with blaxploitation and placed their bets on horror flicks.

we can also say that it put a fair number of black actors on the cheese line
because now they were typecasted with the genre and out of luck.

I can also get with the idea that it ain't cool to support everything we do, to not
support those who do some really backward not defend a mofo
who fucks around with kids and gets caught on tape with the crack pipe and
a sex worker.

but in this situation where a pimp is celebrated for his flight to music
and this somewhat crappy ass song winning the award, is the argument is good one?

Aren't we all pimps in some right? Don't we all got a hustle of some degree?
We give props to folks who hustle and flow into the academia, get their papers
and pimp the system so fools can get genius awards, NEAs and homes for their own.
And in the realm of music, pop or experimental, don't a mofo gotta pimp
themselves to get on the on the chitlin curcuit, on the showcases...

ain't we pimping ourselves on myspace?

gotta my cd out...gotta get my tenure track!

don't a fair number of us get pimped out every black history month
women's month, poetry month, with the only difference being that
instead of getting zero, some of us get anywhere between 250 and 2500?

with free airfare!?

blasting one pimp out the box cause he's got the magic formula to fool a hella
lot of hollywood liberal wannabes is not very it? it's like that whole
idea that country ass pimps cling too....the idea that they can turn out a woman,
with all the perm and floss and grill and specks and dehumanizing talk.

like the way Terence Howard's character had the ability to send one of his
workers in that music store, pull a trick with the shop owner
and get him that shimmering studio microphone.

yeah...Three 6 Mafia sure figured out the formula...

mo nigglet, mo nlgglet

overall, I think the song getting the award was funny, surreal, damn right
comical. and i, to some degree, am still living in the projects, what's left of it
in gentrified harlem, and pimping what i do ain't easy worth a damn.