Monday, May 22, 2006

So what's up with me

This is probably a rant or just a ramble. I haven't been on the blog since the last.
But to be brief, I've returned to Delaware again, went to the water and did my first
offical sweat which left me empty (in a good way) of the madness and ill that keeps coming.

Emotional block and time delays...yeah I got both and it's getting wozzy.
My mom has been in the hospital for over a month and I'm there basically everyday
but am now trying to go every other and procedures that matter. Like today she has
another surgery on her right arm. Too much to get into now but maybe later I'll post
my journal/email/letters that I've been sending to a handful of close friends.

I'm playing her health advocate now, her power of attorney and and handling
her bills and so. I have sister but I am essetially the only child here and it's
bugging me when folks ask if I have siblings...well yeah but

And me? Well, I didn't work for a month and slowly getting back
to the real of my crib and my bills.

I'm praying this will be the last week for her to be in the hospital
with hospital food and nurses either great or bogus.

She'll need therapy hardcore.
I'm going back to Delaware in June for four days to meditate again.